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About Us

Every story starts with a change. The story of Sweet Raga starts with the conception of an

idea that was born from nostalgia and love for food. Ever since the modernization of the

food industry, Indian food has evolved immensely. A fusion of traditional and foreign

tastes, style and presentation is a common occurrence now. The only things that remained

unchanged were our confections.

The popularity and consumption of Indian sweets have seen a steady diminution in the

past few years. With the onset of healthy living and different kinds of diet, people have

become hesitant to consume traditional Indian sweet treats. This repugnance towards our

authentic sweets troubled one man. This man was Chef Abhishek Rajan, and he set out to

bring the glory back to our Mithais.

Through years of culinary experience and thorough study of trends, he concluded that the

problem lies in the compromised quality and trifling nutritional value of the Indian sweets

served these days. Usage of subpar raw materials, high sugar content, synthetic ghee and

the like pose a very high risk of foodborne illnesses. Moreover, with the availability of

western desserts with exotic flavors and alluring display a direct option is created against

the traditional Mithais. Thus a third viable option needed to be created.

At this stage, Sweet Raga was born. Sweet raga is a project designed under the company

3CS (Cooks Cruise Catering Solutions) which primarily provides consultation regarding

food business. Here at Sweet Raga, we have created traditional Indian Mithais in a new

avatar with carefully sourced premium ingredients. Our treats are a perfect combination of

exceptional taste, nourishment, quality, and design.

We welcome you to experience and relish the uniqueness of Indian Mithais crafted by

sweet raga.